With vrdoro College we offer you an extraordinary learning management system (LMS) with special possibilities

  • With 360-degree worlds, learners can immerse themselves in virtual environments that make the learning experience and content unforgettable.
  • With 3D models, details can be visualized in a depth not previously possible.
  • The image recognition and the interactive games enable playful learning, which is linked with movements and makes the knowledge experienceable with several senses.

vrdoro College is a further development of the excellent LMS next:classroom and brings virtual learning worlds to the learners. Join us in designing new teaching concepts using the latest technologies.

Self-directed learners explore 360° VR learning worlds, jointly develop action strategies, and realistically experience otherwise inaccessible learning situations. All teaching content is conveyed vividly and interactively, which ensures that information is absorbed sustainably. At the same time, what has just been learned can be tested in various types of tasks or exam-like learning checks. Learning successes are documented in a comprehensible way for teachers and students, so that individual strengths can be optimally worked out and deficits can be specifically addressed.

When interacting with three-dimensional learning objects, the app uses the sensors of smartphones and tablets to display information about defined locations on real objects or existing wall images using image recognition. The haptic movement-oriented experience and playful elements actively promote learning.

The system is designed as an easy-to-use content management system. From the input and editing of teaching content, to the creation of 360° learning worlds and class management, the system allows independent administration by teaching staff. Protection against unwanted access is provided by a far-reaching rights and role system that can be configured according to individual requirements.

The multitenant system is in use at numerous schools in the DACH region and was awarded the eLearning Award in 2018 and 2019 as well as the delina Award in 2019.

Function overview

  • Display of learning paths on interactive maps
  • 360° VR panoramas
  • Object detection via the camera built into the device
  • Multimedia content
  • Testing tool for exam-like learning checks
  • Portfolio for progress documentation
  • Flashcard trainer with battle function
  • Messenger for communication

Technical features

  • Cross-platform web technology for maximum supported devices and available interfaces
  • Offline capability in the flashcard area
  • Multi-client capable platform architecture
  • Adaptation of different organizational structures by means of access sharing
  • User management including rights and roles system
  • Simple operability via content management system

Take a look at the possible applications:

The LMS at the Limmattal Vocational School

Do you have questions about the deployment or use of vrdoro College?

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The vrdoro project has been awarded the BSFZ seal for in-house research and development by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The seal is proof of entrepreneurial innovation competence. It is only awarded to companies that carry out recognized research and development (R&D).

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