Here we answer frequently asked questions.

Questions about the vrdoro promoter

What is the promoter?

Promoter is a referral marketing tool that lets you create special links for your product offers and share them via social media channels. Interested people can then view your product and sign up with their email address to earn reward points. As a promoter user, you spread the word about your products through your social media channels and convert your Facebook friends into email contacts.. This gives you a direct communication channel to your contacts and allows you to place offers directly. Because: It is easier to convert interested parties into customers when addressing them directly by e-mail.

Rewards offered by you increase the incentive for everyone who sees your offer to also forward your offer via their own network. This way, you reach not only your social media friends, but also the contacts of your contacts.

For which industries can the vrdoro promoter be used?

For every industry.

Can I market my own content, e.g. from my website, via the promoter?

Yes, with Promoter you can distribute any content and measure its success.

Can I see how many times my content has been shared on social media?

Yes. In your statistics you can see how many people followed the shared links.

Will I get qualified leads by using the promoter?

Yes. When a user signs up to earn points on their referral account themselves, a qualified lead is created for you.

When I upgrade to a higher plan, do I also see the contacts that were not displayed before?

Yes, after the upgrade you will also see the contacts that were not included in the plan before. It does not matter that the contacts were created in the past.

Questions about the vrdoro store

What can I use the vrdoro store for?

With vrdoro, you can easily use VR content for your purposes. Possible uses include:

  • Use for marketing purposes
  • Visualization of complex products through detailed 3D models
  • Presentation of real estate or event locations

Many other uses are useful. We will be happy to advise you.

What can I use the Ad-Items for?

Ad-Items are promotional opportunities. You can use gamification elements like small VR experiences, games, or exit games to get your message or brand across. This way, you usually reach many more users and the memory of you or your content is more lasting.

Can I offer my own content for a fee?

Yes, this is planned. You will soon be able to offer your own games or vouchers via vrdoro in conjunction with the Promoter. We will charge a small pro-rata commission for the referral. You will receive the majority of the revenue for your content.

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