“It’s not the technology that entertains people it’s what you do with the technology”

John Lasseter, producer and chief creative officer of Pixar Animation Studios

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Impart knowledge sustainably

We give your digital teaching content the right platform to make knowledge tangible and achieve sustainable learning success with modern pedagogical concepts

Our VR learning worlds promote information processing through motor interactions and provide long-lasting motivation with playful elements.

From schools to in-company training, together with our partners we offer suitable solutions for every requirement.

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Shopping experiences redefined

Tomorrow’s shopping is digital and local. For this purpose, we develop product platforms with which you can really showcase your offer

With our solutions, you invite customers to store on site with realistic VR product and store presentations. When customers visit your brick-and-mortar store, you offer them services that make them buy, feel good, and therefore come back, both online and brick-and-mortar.

Inspire customers with outstanding service offerings, such as appropriate on-site information, a help assistant that links the customer with your employees, or innovative in-house navigation, as well as product recommendations.

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Departure into new worlds

We transform your idea into a customized virtual reality solution and open the doors to new worlds in marketing your offer.

Using the latest technologies and our years of experience, your project will be a vivid VR experience.

From realistic product presentations and innovative educational methods to interactive gaming adventures, we develop impressive applications for all areas.

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