Use gamification for your business

Games, puzzles and exit games as interactive digital content

Use branded content in your CI to entertain and delight. Motivate and reward your customers, and they will help you spread your message!

Choose your ads and start your campaigns immediately.

Customize the content to your colors, logo, images and texts.

Use the promoter to share your content automatically. Content can be shared on websites, social media, email, newsletters, text, or QR codes.

We developed the ads in a mobile-first approach and for use in the metaverse.They are compatible with all devices: smartphones, tablets, desktop, digital displays, touchscreens and VR glasses.

Automatically collect user data and qualified leads. View and analyze this data in real time via your Promoter Dashboard.

Use the ads regularly and create impressive and lasting experiences for your customers with our VR content.

Try the demos

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