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3D configurators for canopies
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Personalization of sales

By personalizing the sales experience, you can significantly increase your sales figures. With a 3D configurator, you can offer your customers a unique experience when buying a canopy. Your customer configures his product as he wants to receive it. This saves you time and the customer is more quickly ready to buy “his” customized product.

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Your customers can try different materials, colors and shapes until they find the perfect canopy for their needs. Then they can see the canopy in a realistic 3D environment to get a better impression of it.

The advantages of 3D VR configurator for manufacturers of canopies, patio roofs and carports

  • Increase customer satisfaction: The configurator offers your customers a unique and intensive experience that motivates them to buy an umbrella.
  • Increasing the conversion rate: The configurator helps you to guide customers further and persuade them to buy.
  • Improved product presentation: The configurator is a great way to showcase your products and show customers how they would look in their own home.
  • Customers can configure their desired product themselves and complete the purchase directly.

Increase your sales figures by presenting your products with a 3D configurator!

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The vrdoro project has been awarded the BSFZ seal for in-house research and development by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The seal is proof of entrepreneurial innovation competence. It is only awarded to companies that carry out recognized research and development (R&D).

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