Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is registration required for use?

vrdoro is a platform that offers everything from the simple exchange of panoramic images to the use of 3D models and the creation of learning and marketing content. Most of what is on offer can be explored without registering. Registration is required to manage your own content or to share content.

With which devices can I use vrdoro?

Use is possible via

  • desktop devices and notebooks
  • mobile devices with Android or iOS
  • Cardboard camera on Android (1)
  • VR headsets such as Oculus Rift or Quest

(1) The Cardboard use is currently only possible on Android, as Safari (based on  WebKit) on Apple devices does not yet  support the  WebXR standard.

Is all content visible to everyone?

Initially, the content is not visible to others. Resources that are to be visible to other users and visitors to the platform must first be published. In this way, each user can determine for themselves which content other users are allowed to see.

Can I post content myself?

Not yet. We are working on making it possible for users to manage all content themselves. Currently, the content displayed is that which has been created by partner and customer projects and is used together with vrdoro.

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