Cardboard Mode

Cardboard mode (also called Magic Window) is activated on smartphones when the VR button is pressed. If the VR button is not visible, then it is not possible to switch to VR mode because the hardware does not allow this.


Depending on the device, clicking means the user action to select an element. On devices with a mouse, this means pointing to the item followed by pressing the left mouse button. On devices with touch displays, this means tapping or tapping and holding (iOS: long touch).


The maker is the user who makes the VR resources available. He or she determines, for example, how a VR model is presented or how a teaching presentation behaves.


A panoramic image is an image file in which a spherical surface (the sky) is mapped by a mathematical projection onto a two-dimensional format. vrdoro supports panoramic images of the type  Equirectangular. Soon  Cube Maps will also be supported.

VR spot

With these elements in a VR view, users can interact with the VR space. For example, clicking on a VR spot can open an information panel, a video or a task. VR spots can also be used to enter another VR room.

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