3D model

3D Model

vrdoro enables the combination of 360 degree panoramas with 3D models and VR spots. This allows interactive three-dimensional virtual worlds to be modelled.

A 3D model can be placed in a VR space and then seamlessly blends into the panoramic image for the viewer. 3D models can optionally be activated in the view and then controlled.

Activate 3D model

If a 3D model can be activated, the viewer can click on it and bring it into focus. The user can then rotate and scale the model. Activated elements are located in an activation sphere, which can be seen in the image as a green semi-transparent sphere around the model.

During activation, the model can be interacted with via the controls. The model can be …

  • be placed closer or further: Use the scroll wheel of the mouse or a pinch gesture.
  • be rotated:
    • Grab the model near the centre and move it in one direction (click-and-drag). This rotates the model around the X and Y axes.
    • If you hold down the CTRL and SHIFT keys at the same time, you can rotate the model around the axis that is facing you (Z-axis).
  • move the model: To do this, touch the model with the right mouse button.

For touch displays, the corresponding gestures supported by the device apply.

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